Testimonials and nice things people say about me!

I’ve known and worked with Sarah for over 10 years specifically on projects, working with young people from difficult backgrounds and directly with those who have been assigned onto various Youth Offending orders. Sarah is a dedicated professional who has a collaborative approach with young people seeking ways to enable them to enhance their life chances into work, education or training opportunities. Sarah is a qualified youth worker and uses various non-formal strategies in her work, she has a proven track record of changing lives. She excels in both the one-to-one and group-work situations. I highly recommend Sarah to you.

Paul B, UK

Sarah is an outgoing, enthusiastic and friendly professional always willing to give 100% to any task or project. She builds and maintains excellent working relationships with young people and is always willing and able to offer good advice and support.  Sarah is reliable, friendly and approachable with an upbeat and positive personality who is engaging and fun. Sarah’s key strength is her ability to share knowledge, advice and experience in helping others.

Mo, UK

Sarah is one of the most positive, friendly, cheerful people I have ever met. Her enthusiasm and empathy for young people make her a very successful youth worker.  She will always go the ‘extra mile’ to make sure that whatever project she is working on will have the best results for the individuals she is engaged with.

Sheel, UK