The Road Is Not Straight

I thought I had it all planned. I knew which direction I was heading in and I knew how to get there.

You can be lulled into thinking that there is a road to follow, which should be followed in the correct way, it might look something like this:

✔ School – achieve a clutch of GCSEs

✔ School or college – gain a collection of A-Levels

✔ Party hard

✔ University – obtain a brilliant degree

✔ Party hard

✔ More University – earm a Post Graduate Diploma, Masters or PHD if you’re a proper fancy pants

✔ Party hard

✔ Get an amazing well-paid job in a field related to your qualifications

✔ Party hard

✔ Move to a big city and share a house

✔ Party hard

✔ Find the love of your life

✔ Settle down

✔ Move in with the love of your life

✔ Get married

✔ Have kids

✔ Move out of the big city

✔ Shall I go on??

I too expected to follow this typical path in the order listed above but can now say that my journey has been a bit more ‘snakes and ladders’ rather than straight road.  I have certainly climbed some ladders and slipped down some snakes (never thought I would type that sentence out loud) and I may or may not have rolled the wrong number with those dice on more than one occasion, but here is the thing, we ALL do that, no one has a totally straight path through life and the sooner we accept life as a bit more snakes and ladders the more comfortable the journey will be.  I urge you to let go of the idea that you are completing an activity to get on to the next activity. See if you can focus on what you are enjoying now without an eye on the next prize. The prizes are coming to you anyway, they might not be in the order you think you want them and they may look different to what you are expecting but that is OK.

I am climbing a ladder right now.  

What are you doing climbing a ladder of slipping down a snake??