A Truth That Hurts

I was cross, really proper cross. I was working as part of a ‘thrown together’ team who were working against each other and failing to put together a piece of work that could have been brilliant. The person who was responsible for this hot mess caught me in a corridor and ushered me into his office.  He said “Sarah, I can see that you don’t suffer fools gladly,” he said. I was about to launch into a ‘well rehearsed’ speech about the many failings of the team members and wholeheartedly agree with him about my inability to suffer fools gladly when he stopped me… he quietly spoke “You don’t suffer fools gladly and this is my criticism of you.”  

WHAT? Whoa!

Hang on?  What do you mean?

Here is the thing… those words really made me think.  I will admit, it didn’t make me think on that day, nope, I walked out of there, slammed the door, stamped down the corridor and cried in the toilet. However, I have since spent a lot of time thinking about those words and that criticism. It’s true, back then, I was quick to judge others and think that anyone who didn’t have something amazing to contribute was somehow ‘less’ and having this error pointed out to me stung at the time but I am grateful for that insight now, it has helped to shape who I am.  What has someone pointed out to you that you didn’t like or found hard to accept? Drop a line in the comments – let’s hear it!!

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