Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Champion of Young Adults.

I’ve been a Youth and Community Worker for almost 10 years and I believe that the early adult years in life come with many options and choices that can seem overwhelming and paralysing at times. I have made many spectacular errors of judgement over my lifetime including (but not limited to) choosing the ‘wrong’ A-Levels at the ‘wrong’ college, choosing the ‘wrong’ degree and the ‘wrong’ university.  I also chose the worst job with a hideous bully for a boss and more besides. I bring you my vast experience in making massive mistakes and will guide you with knowledge and resources to help you navigate through your own tricky decisions and current circumstances. I’ll hold your hand (metaphorically, of course – the other way would be weird as we don’t know each other yet!) and I’ll show you that you’re going to be OK (more than OK – you are going to be fabulous).

With love